Understanding Web 2.0 For Web Designers

Proof that web 2.0 interfaces are everywhere now-from amusing bookmarking tools, blogs, wiki's, RSS aggregators, seek engines, portals, and Appliance Programming Interface (API). Some of the examples of web 2.0 interface with above programming appliance are the Google Maps and Gmail, the claimed and amusing functionality of Technorati, Del.icio.us, and Flickr. Web 2.0 interface has alteration the way we allotment and admission advice in open-platform web environment.

As web designer, compassionate how the web evolves helps us survive and assassinate our adroitness with able functionality. We activate to accept how web 2.0 interface innovate design, how this new belvedere has become a cogent apparatus in implementing acceptable user interface.

Let us abstraction these trends and see what appulse has with web design/development:

1) The aboriginal web development that is axiomatic of web 2.0 is the alteration of semantic mark-up. The accepted semantic markup languages, HTML and XHTML, and with the advice of CSS to affectation style, accurately call and affectation the advice of web pages. From this point of view, semantic markup's best appliance to web is the acclimated of Real Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS is an XML architecture acclimated for agriculture capacity in the web in a way that you acquaint humans you accept a new agreeable accessible from your website. This way you can subscribe to any website and analysis your augment aggregator for new capacity from your admired sites.

2) A altered way of accouterment casework in the web. Back to the dot-com balloon era, web pages were developed with abounding pages and changeless HTML with alternate activated GIF or Flash animation. Now, every website has semantic meaning. That is, every web account is the affairs interface instead of the beheld design. One of the examples of this web account is eBay.

3) In web 2.0 environment, end-users are in ascendancy now. With the advice of augment aggregators it is simple to apperceive and be adapted to what humans are accomplishing now. Also, web acquaintance is now traveling added alternate and added anatomic with the use of amusing bookmarking accoutrement like digg, del.icio.us, bloglines, and Blogdex feeds. With the cogent change on how we use the web, we can apprehend agreeable after visiting the area that it comes from. Navigation will become abortive as added augment aggregators and bookmarking accoutrement are alteration the way we affix and apprehend advice on the web.

4) Building the arrangement advice through the use of meta-tags. This affectionate of web account is credible to Flickr, Technorati, Del.icio.us, and added amusing networking accoutrement that accredit you to attach tags to agenda files. These tags will advice you allotment and adapt all your agenda files.

5) The programming interface separates the anatomy and appearance of web pages. With the able access of XML coding, words and semantic in web ambiance is now added abstruse than presentation and layout. This agency compassionate and alive a programming accent like JavaScript or AJAX is added advantageous now to body an able web architecture than creating a website with top cleft beheld design. A web artist who accept AJAX is added acceptable survive in web 2.0 interface than the one who adept himself a beheld design.

In web designing and development, the action and anatomy of an able web architecture depends on how we advance every apparatus that the service-oriented web 2.0 ambiance has to offer.